Summer Movie Night

Open Air ​Outdoor Cinema

Make the most of summer. Book a movie, grab a deckchair & chill.

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We don't have anything right now..

...But we'll be back with our large LED screen soon and in the meantime don't miss some of our other great events. 


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“Fantastic night out with the hubby. Will definitely be back.”

— Janice B


— Nicci C

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“So cool....Highly recommend”

— M Sullivan

“It was good fun and pretty well organised”

— Scott B


Frequently asked questions


What time should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive up to 40 minutes prior to the event starting time and no later than 20 minutes before so you have enough time to get settled before the film begins. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals at the back.


Do I need a car to attend? Is there a drive-in option?

No car required to these outdoor events. You can arrive by any method of transport you wish, cars and other vehicles will need to be parked in the car park and then you can walk onsite the site. There will not be a "drive-In" option at these events.

Frequently asked questions


What happens if the event is cancelled due to new government guidelines regarding Covid-19?

While we feel this is very unlikely to be the case, should this happen your tickets will be automatically transferred to a new date of your choice. You can also choose to gift your ticket to someone else, you simply need to send us the details. Alternatively, if none of these options suit you, you can request a refund by emailing Please note the booking fee is not refundable.


What happens if it rains?

Our events will not be cancelled unless there are dangerously high winds. If we are forced to cancel, a notice will be posted on our facebook page SunsetdriveinUK. Please follow us on Facebook.

Frequently asked questions


What if I need to cancel for a reason of my own?

What if a I need to cancel for a reason of my own?

Your tickets are non-refundable but there will be an option when purchasing your tickets to buy insurance for £2 which will cover your ticket and booking fee should you need to cancel for an emergency of your own.


How many tickets should I buy?

You should purchase 1 ticket for every adult or child attending the screening. Children 2yrs and under do not require their own ticket when accompanied by an adult.

Frequently asked questions


Is there wheelchair access?

Yes, the event is held on grass. Wheelchair access is possible and there will be accessbile toilet facilities.


How will the sound work? Speakers?

When you arrive you'll be given a personal headset to wear during the film. It works via bluetooth so no cables and no restriction on moving around the site. You will be able to control the volume through the headset so you can choose whatever level is most comfortable for you. Using the headset will also minimise the disruption from external noise (chatty people) and mean you can pop to the bar or grab a snack and still listen too the movie.